How to Add IPTC metadata to your photo

Adding metadata is actually pretty straight forward.  Let's take a look at how to add metadata to an image through Photoshop

Under the File menu click on the File Info dialogue in Photoshop. 

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Photoshop and the other Creative Suite applications use a newer style of metadata format called XMP that supports a variety of different metadata types. 

The XMP metadata schema used in Photoshop contains the IPTC Core fields, as well as several others. The important thing about the IPTC Core fields is a large number of other imaging applications support themInformation entered in File Info is also synchronized and stored within images by Photoshop in the older metadata format - the IPTC Information Interchange Model (IIM) - still used by an even larger number of applications.

1. Fill in Document Title (up to 50 characters). 

2. SeekPhoto will use your username as the name of the author so you may leave this field blank. 

3. Deion - write a compleling deion. Something short and sweet. 

4. Keywords - you can type up to 50 different keywords separated by , or ;

5. SeekPhoto embeds a copyright notice automatically using your user name so you may leave this field blank. 

6. Copyright image URL is optional and you can leave it blank as it will not be displayed on our website. 

After completing the fields you intend to use, click on the OK button to close the File Info dialogue. 

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